🐶15 Animals Who Just Can't Handle the Heat ... We Can't Handle the Cuteness! 😍

We all have our favorite ways to beat the summertime heat ... these animals just have a much sweeter way of doing it! Let's face it ... we know you'd rather see pictures of these heckin' cute bois and girls than Aunt Mildred and Uncle Ned at the beach, right? 

1) Smug Pug

Happy Cool Pug Dog

Those rolls aren't gonna cool themselves! 

2) Mud Bath, Anyone?

Mud Pig

Should we tell him about our extensive Bath Bomb Collection

3) Safari Splash

Swimming Giraffe

Do you think he's standing in the deep end? 

4) This Heat is Bull ... Dog

Bulldog Ice

And our hearts are melting!

5) Just Keep Swimming ...

Swimming Cat

He doesn't look happy, but he does look cool! 

6) Hot Dog

Cool Dog AC

Man's coolest companion! 

7) Hey! Ice Cream is for Horses! 

We bet his favorite flavor is neigh-opolitan ... 

8) We Don't Deserve Elephants.

Happy Elephant

He forgot his swim trunks ...

9) So...Many...Captions. Can't...Decide...

Meh Dog

"Karen! Get me my loofa!"

10) Frost Bite

Cool Tiger

We're just glad it's the block of ice and not us! 

11) Boop the Snoot, Hear a Toot

AC Bulldog

Just keep the air freshener close by ...

12) The Heat Must Be Un-Bear-able

Ice Polar Bear

Who ordered the polar bear on a bed of ice? 

13) SAHM - "Stay-At-Home-Moose"

Swimming Moose

Dad wasn't invited ... he always pops the floaties with his antlers. 

14) Scruffy Puppy, You're the One ...

Rubber Ducky Dog

... you make bath time lots of fun! 

15) ... A Break From the Stinging Sun

Busy Bees

A rare image of busy bees who are off the clock! 

Now, wipe the sweat from your brow and hit that "Share" button! We all need a good smile to get us through the sweltering summer days. 😎

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