29 Adorable "You Know You're a Mom When..." Moments

Not that your kids would ever let you forget that you're a mom ... especially when they say your name 36 times in a row in the time that it takes to pour them a cup of juice. But to add a glimpse of humor between potty training and Baby Shark, we've made a list of honest "mom moments" to keep you laughing through all the beautiful chaos:
1) ... you've actually used the words, "Stop licking the dishwasher!" 
2) ... your hair looks like this on a good day.

3) ... you pack your lunch for work and accidentally bring a baby spoon to eat your yogurt with.
4) ... your friends' hand-me-downs could put a retail clothing store to shame. 

5) ... you do more in nine minutes than most people do all day.
6) ...you have a designated hiding spot to sneak a snack just so you don't have to share.
7) ... you're just that #momtired.


8) ... you say the words "tummy" and "potty" to full-grown adults.
9) ... you've eaten all the cookies in the house but your kids deserve something sweet, so you have to get creative. 

10) ... you left the kids with their dad to run errands and this is the first thing you see when you get home 🤷‍♂️

11) ...you consider your glass of wine as a serving of fruit. 
12) ... you're scrubbing crayon off the coffee table but you're actually very impressed at the detail your kids put in their drawings. 
13) ... your chocolate bribery backfires 🍫😱

14) ... you debate if a shower is really worth it when you've got the rare opportunity to sleep in an extra 20 minutes. I mean, it's only been three dayzzz...zzzzzzzz 😴
15) ... you can sing the entire theme song to all your kids' favorite shows, but you can't remember why you walked into a room. 
16) ... dress up day is EVERYTHING! 

17) ... this is your view while you're eating, despite them having their own plate of food.

18) ... when you decide to go shopping for yourself but end up buying a bunch of stuff for your kids instead.
19) ... diaper duty has multiple meanings. 
19) ... you know all the creaky spots on the floor and you avoid them like land mines while your kids are napping. 
20) ... your friends these days aren't quite as chatty, but you're still happy for the company 🐔

21) ... you put your kids in "time out" and you're jealous of them. 
22) ... you have to dig through a mountain of pacifiers, snack crumbs, toy cars, doll clothes, and empty sippy cups before finally finding your keys in your purse. 
23) ... this 👇🏻


24) ... the flirty talk with your spouse has drastically changed. 

25) ... you think your kid is a genius, but then he tries to cut his hair with the ceiling fan from the top of his bunk bed.
26) ... or they do this 🤔

 27) ... Christmas is your favorite day of the year. 

28) ... your items at the check out line consist of crackers, diapers, a coloring book, and a box of wine. 
29) ... there is LITERALLY nothing better than getting to witness moments like this ❤️

Share with your mom friends and enjoy a laugh or two together! 😂



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