Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack
Nectar Bath Treats Bath Bomb Gift Set Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack

Mix & Match Bath Bomb 4-Pack

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If you can't decide which fizzing bath bomb you would like to try first, our bath bomb mix & match 4-pack is perfect for you!

Mix and match any four bath bombs or get 4 of your favorites for a personalized bath treat. 🛀

Each handmade bath bomb is bursting with relaxing Epsom Salts, Kaolin Clay, and skin-nourishing Sweet Almond Oil.

They're a perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day! Supplies are limited so order today to get yours before they're gone! 💖

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Mix and match any four bath bombs from the list below:



Stimulate Your Passion (Orange)

Enjoy a delightful blend of sweet, fresh nectars of strawberry, white peach, and tangerine scents.

Coconut Dream (Blue/Pink)
This Exotic Coconut and Acai scented bomb will create vibrant swirls of blue water, whisking you away to an enchanted oasis! 
Calm Your Spirit (Purple)
Clean and delicate herbal notes of lavender, chamomile, and warm honey.
Cleanse Your Soul (Blue)
Vibrant and breathtaking blue and white swirls of cool water and delicate white musk with fresh aquatic notes will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.
Peaches and Cream Bath Bomb (Peach)
Light and fruity blend of sun-ripened peaches and sweet vanilla cream, embedded with a peach soap slice.
Awaken Your Senses (Green)
Refresh your spirit and awaken your senses with scents of peppermint, clary sage, and juniper berry!
Detoxify Your Mind (Yellow)
This treat is scented with tangy grapefruit, nectarine and apricot aromas and hints of sweet mango, watermelon and strawberry.
We strive to only produce the highest quality bath & body products for our valued customers. We're so confident that you'll love what you buy that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you don't enjoy your Nectar treats for any reason at all, just let us know and we'll exchange or refund your purchase with ZERO hassle!
We just require proof of purchase in the form of a receipt and may require images of the product so we can fully understand what went wrong. All you have to do is reach out to us via phone or email and we'll make it right as soon as possible.
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- Why Choose Us? -

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't absolutely love your Nectar treats for any reason we will happily offer a refund or replacement with no hassle. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll take care of you!

75,000+ Satisfied Customers

We have zero Better Business Bureau complaints for a reason. We create extremely high quality products and treat every customer like they're part of our happy family.

100% Handmade in the USA

Creating local jobs is a priority and every one of our treats is handmade at our facility in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. This ensures complete control of the quality of everything we ship!

- Our Customers Love Our Bath Bombs -

"Love the bath bombs so does my daughter! Highly recommend! Actually love all your products have tried a variety of your products and have never been disappointed!"


"Had my whole bath and bed rooms smelling so good. My body felt so moist and refreshing afterwards."


"These are by far my favorite bath bombs from any company. I have a secret stash hidden from my family so they can’t use them!"


"Your products are fabulous. They smell wonderful and are gentle on the skin!"


"I like them so much, I bought extra and shared with co-workers."


"I use these and give many as gifts. These bath bombs smell wonderful and leave your skin feeling smooth."


"Feel in love with your products while I was visiting Vegas and have been ordering them sense! Love the bath bombs!"


"I absolutely love the bath bombs all of them!!!!"


"The bathbombs smell amazing! Honestly some of the best ones on the market!"




"I love love love your bath bombs! They smell amazing and are such a treat for baths!"


"Absolutely love the bath bombs. I never considered myself a “bath guy” before but my girlfriend brought some of these home after meeting some of your staff and we’ve both been hooked on them ever since. Your products allow me to create a relaxing sanctuary in my own home where the stress just melts away! The scents are awesome."


"Absolutely fantastic. I have purchased these for my wife on numerous occasions and she has loved them every time."


"These are the best bath bombs I have ever bought. Gentle on the skin and smells amazing! My favorite thing about your bath bombs is the smell will last for an extremely long time on your skin."


"The product and the packaging are so adorable. I buy then for gifts but it is so hard to part with them!"


"My daughter really loves these. She has eczema and I was afraid to try the bath bombs for fear it would cause an exacerbation. Luckily it didn’t and she’s been using this product for the past year. She has even used these bath bombs as birthday gifts for her friends and the girls love them."