Here's a must-have list based on what our lovely customers buy and love the most.ย ๐Ÿ’– Skin nourishing bubble bath scoops, heavenly sugar body scrubs, stress relieving bath bombs and so much more. For the perfect night in grab some Nectar today! Bath on, hair up wine down... ๐Ÿ˜‰
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"I smell like a baby angel! The bath bombs I ordered went beyond my expectations. The packaging was adorable, the bath bombs themselves were huge and you could smell them as soon as you opened it. My body was silky smooth long after my bath and I've been telling all my friends about them!"
~ Sharon R.

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peach sangria body scrub main
peach sangria body scrub texture
Peach Sangria Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz
92 reviews

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Best Seller!
fruit smoothie body scrub main
fruit smoothie body scrub texture
Fruit Smoothie Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz
153 reviews

100 in stock
lavender blossom body scrub main
lavender blossom body scrub texture
Lavender Blossom Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz
77 reviews

54 in stock
ocean breeze body scrub main
ocean breeze body scrub texture
Ocean Breeze Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz
61 reviews

37 in stock
cactus bloom body scrub main
cactus bloom body scrub texture
Cactus Bloom Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz
58 reviews

113 in stock
citrus detox body scrub main
citrus detox body scrub texture
Citrus Detox Sea Salt Body Scrub 8 oz
87 reviews

29 in stock
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strawberry daiquiri bath soak
Strawberry Daiquiri Milkshake Bath Soak
70 reviews

orange dreamsicle bath soak main
orange dreamsicle bath soak in use
Orange Dreamsicle Milkshake Bath Soak
68 reviews

57 in stock
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unicorn dream bath soak main
unicorn dream bath soak in use
Unicorn Dream Milkshake Bath Soak
99 reviews

4 in stock
mermaid lagoon bath soak main
mermaid lagoon bath soak in use
Mermaid Lagoon Milkshake Bath Soak
91 reviews

24 in stock