Nectar Bath Treats "Take The Cake" Happy Birthday Gift Set Bath and Body Gift Set

"Take The Cake" Happy Birthday Gift Set

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At Nectar, we’re all about sweet surprises! When it’s someone’s special day, watch their eyes light up with joy as they unwrap their gift.

Each gift set includes:

  • 1 Fruit Smoothie Sugar Body Scrub: For our Fruit Smoothie Sugar Body Scrub, we blended up a variety of fruity juiciness with natural exfoliants like sugar and cranberry seeds for a “berry” sweet experience!
  • 2 Sugar Crush Foaming Bath Bombs: Our Sugar Crush Foaming Bath Bombs are heart-shaped for a reason! Fall in love with the smells of Asian Pear and delicate lily while you submerge yourself into a foamy, sugary paradise.
  • 1 Pink Vanilla Pie Soap: It’s cuteness overload with this adorable creamy Pink Vanilla Pie Soap! Topped with a little, pink cookie and a decadent drizzle, this Pie Soap will soon become a shower staple in your home!
  • 1 Vanilla Birthday Cupcake Soap: Feeling festive? Grab our Vanilla Birthday Cupcake Soap for fragrances of yellow cake and fruity notes of strawberry jam. This Cupcake Soap will be the cherry on top of your entire day!
  • 1 Periwinkle Dream Bubble Scoop Sundae (3 scoops): Oh, you’re not dreaming … this Periwinkle Dream Bubble Scoop Sundae is the real deal! Smells of soft African Violets paired with a subtle tartness will leave you feeling like you’ve drifted away into a weightless dreamland of fantasy!

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