Celebrate Happiness with Self Care!

Spring is here, so we’re celebrating!

Nectar is the perfect way to celebrate spring! Our handmade bath and body treats are made for love and laughter. And with a bunch of delightful treats to choose from, a little self care is just the thing you need to add some happy to your springtime!

What is happiness?

We’ll leave the specifics to the researchers because we all know what happiness is. It feels a little different to everyone, but everyone knows that feeling. The warm fuzzies flutter like butterflies in your chest. Relief. Contentment. Laughter. Bringing a smile to a friend's face. It's the sense of calm when the dog lays on your toes at the end of a long day, the gentle feeling of washing your baby’s hair, the peaceful stillness when everyone settles in to watch a movie together.

Happiness is a feeling unique to everyone’s experience.

Elements of Happiness

There are two different factors that contribute to happiness. First, there is the balance of present tense emotions. This is that rush of dopamine when your kid says “I love you” in the morning or the soothing feeling of a nice lotion touching your skin. In essence, the small moments that change your day and make it a little easier. These chemical responses are the basis for your everyday emotional experience.

But they aren’t the whole picture of happiness. The other part of the happiness picture is a broader sense of life satisfaction. This aspect of happiness relates to having a feeling of purpose and meaning in your life, feeling accomplished, and feeling loved and supported in your family and community.


One of the easiest ways to feel both forms of happiness is to give back. Whether you are giving back to your family or volunteering in your community, giving back is a great way to feel the present tense joys of connecting with others while being in pursuit of your higher purpose.

Giving is an essential part of Nectar’s values. We are a people-driven company, and sharing our gifts is one easy way to spread the joys of self care. But it doesn’t stop at gifting. We also make sure to share our time, equipment, and hands with as many of our neighbors as possible! Whether it’s a thoughtful self care gift or the gift of your time, we invite you to find more ways to give to your community too.


One of the best ways to feel connected to your purpose, to your overarching sense of belonging is giving. Being connected to your communities fosters belonging.

Giving gifts with Nectar is rewarding. Building community and giving to your neighbors is fulfilling.

Giving anything (time, money, self care treats) is an incredible way to ensure you have strong, consistent happiness that carries you forward. It can be small and simple, as little as a smile can change someone’s day. Those small acts of giving are what contribute to your overall sense of belonging. Giving is both immediate happiness and long-term happiness.

Nectar is people and value-driven. We strive to create joy and bring positivity to everything around us. Giving is one of the ways we do this on a daily basis!

Self Care

Self care starts with you. While we are a gifting company, knowing the feeling of the gifts you give is an essential part of the Nectar gifting experience. The first step is always treating yourself. After you experience the ooey-gooey heart-melting goodness of our self care treats, you can pay it forward by sharing those gifts with a loved one.

Treating yourself will give you that present tense feeling of happiness. Feeling good, taking care of yourself will help you feel content.

Here are some of our favorite, most joyful gifts for you to share with yourself or others! Enjoy!




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