Top 5 Ways to Get Better Sleep Guaranteed – #1 Will Surprise You!

Dreaming of better sleep? According to studies, there are several things you can do to start getting that precious shut-eye you need to have a healthy and successful life. In fact, the #1 science-backed way to get sleep is certainly going to surprise you.

With Daylight’s Savings time coming this weekend, it’s the perfect time to get your sleep routine in order! So grab some cozy-time tea and get relaxing!

So, what does science say about getting better sleep guaranteed?

#5: Set the Right Temperature

When you start to fall asleep, your body temperature adjusts and cools down. But if your room is too warm, you will have a harder time. Instead of falling asleep the moment your head hits the pillow, your body will be working to lower its temperature. Your thermostat should be adjusted to a cool temperature which will help your body send a signal to your brain that it is time to go to sleep. Experts say that temperature should be between 60–67°F for you to find sleep success. 

That’s how you treat yourself right!

#4: Get Exercise During the Day

During your wakeful hours, you should be making the most of your activity if you hope to get that deep sleep at night. You can increase the duration as well as the quality of your sleep through exercise because it boosts serotonin production while reducing your stress hormone (cortisol) levels.

When you exercise though, it is more beneficial to do your workout earlier in the day. Avoid working out right before your bedtime as it could serve to keep you awake rather than help wind you down for that restful sleep. Work smart, not hard!

Relax your Body

Need a relaxing exercise? We got exactly what you need. Relax your body with gentle stretching and yoga led by Rebecca, a health and wellness coach and kundalini yoga teacher.

Relax your Body

Need a relaxing exercise? We have exactly what you need. Relax your body with gentle stretching and yoga led by Rebecca, a health and wellness coach and kundalini yoga teacher.

Relax your Body

Need a relaxing exercise? We got exactly what you need. Relax your body with gentle stretching and yoga led by Rebecca, a health and wellness coach and kundalini yoga teacher.

#3: Find your Comfort Zone

Another thing that could be diminishing your sleep is what you’re sleeping on. Your mattress, your bedding, and your pillows should be the right types for sending you off to dreamland. Afterall, that’s where we all want to be, isn’t it!? Generally, mattresses should be medium-firm and your pillow should support the curve of your neck while keeping you cool and comfortable. But be sure to take notice of what your body responds best to in order to support your individual sleep needs. Only you know what’s best for you.

#2: Turn Off All Electronics

Even if you have the best bedding and a cool bedroom, it’s no match for what electronics can do to prevent you from sleeping well. Whenever you watch TV, look at your smartphone, or use any other electronic device, the blue light these devices emit suppresses your melatonin production. 

That makes it harder for you to fall asleep and stay that way because the stimulation keeps your brain awake and engaged. The best thing you can so is power them off or at least stop looking at them about one hour prior to going to bed.

And there is one thing experts advise that can make the biggest difference of all. It is the top tip for getting your best sleep, guaranteed!

#1: Create a Sleep Ritual

It might sound simple, but sometimes things don’t need to be complicated. If you have children, you may already know how important it is to have a sleep ritual for them each night. It may begin with a bath and end with story time. However as adults, we often forget that we need to create our own sleep rituals to send the message to our bodies that it is time to go to sleep.

Those who take baths or showers an hour or two hours before bedtime tend to have the most positive results. Even if those bathing times only lasted for 10 minutes, it still had a profound effect on improving the quality of sleep.

What’s more, using aromatherapy during this sleep ritual time can help you relax. When you feel relaxed, you will have a better chance of falling asleep smoothly. Lavender is among the most effective scents that has a positive, calming impact on sleep. If lavender isn’t your fave then rose, chamomile, and vanilla can also be helpful for bringing on those sleepy vibes.

How to Get Started with Better Sleep Each Night

Nectar Bath Treats features a Sleep Collection that is specifically designed to help you relax and enjoy a better night’s sleep. With bath bombs, luscious whipped soaps, scrubs, body butters, and pillow mists, you’ll have everything you need to make sweet dreams happen every night.

When it comes to your health, getting the best sleep should be your top priority. Without good sleep, you become more prone to illnesses because your immune system is weakened. Plus, you’ll put yourself at greater risk for diseases like cancer or diabetes. Then there’s the forgetfulness, being more prone to accidents, and weight gain that can all come from sleep deprivation.

If you focus on these tips, especially building out your sleep ritual and following through every night, you can put the fun back into going to bed. And what is more fun than a good night’s sleep!? A great way to wind down for bed is with products that calm and restore you (without weird ingredients you can’t pronounce!).

With gift sets that give you a little of everything you need, your sleep ritual will be full of lighthearted, calming treats. You can also pick and choose your favorite Nectar Bath Treats to bring on deeper sleep more consistently.

If you’re a night owl, you’ll now look forward to bedtime with these indulgent naturally-crafted products to set the mood. Plus, they make a wonderful gift for anyone that deserves the best in self-care, and that includes you, so click now to get the beauty sleep you need delivered to your door!




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Rebecca is a health and wellness coach and kundalini yoga teacher based out of Vancouver, B.C. She helps women lead a healthier, happier lifestyle through fitness, knowledge, and empowerment. You can enjoy her teachings here with a calming meditation and a gentle, relaxing yoga flow.

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