customizable body oil 16oz
customizable body oil 16oz lifestyle
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
customizable body oil 16oz
customizable body oil 16oz lifestyle
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।
कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।

कस्टम बाथ और बॉडी ऑयल - 16 ऑउंस।

नियमित मूल्य $28.00 12 reviews

Fragrance #1

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"मेरे पास एक सहयोगी मुझसे कई सवाल पूछ रहा था कि मुझे किस तरह की खुशबू पसंद है। उसने एकाई मंगोस्तीन और विदेशी नारियल को एक साथ रखा और मुझे यह बहुत पसंद है !!!! मैं इस का उपयोग तब करता हूं जब मैं शॉवर से बाहर होता हूं और थोड़ा अतिरिक्त होता है कोहनी और घुटनों पर। इसका हल्का, जल्दी से अवशोषित हो जाता है और मुझे चिकना या तेल नहीं लगता है! "
~ जिल

हमारे स्नान और शरीर का तेल आपके घर में एक लाड़ स्पा दिवस लाएगा। इस नाजुक तेल मिश्रण को नहाने के बाद सीधे त्वचा पर लगाया जा सकता है, या विशेष रूप से मॉइस्चराइजिंग सोख के लिए स्नान में जोड़ा जा सकता है!

इससे भी बेहतर, आप अपने पसंदीदा खुशबू जोड़कर अपने खुद के, अद्वितीय खुशबू मिश्रण को अनुकूलित कर सकते हैं!

महत्वपूर्ण: आप दो सुगंधों का चयन कर सकते हैं जिन्हें एक 16oz स्नान और शरीर के तेल में जोड़ा जाएगा।

यहां बताया गया है कि आप एक एकल सुगंधित निकाय का आदेश कैसे देते हैं तेल:

अधिक सूक्ष्म सुगंध के लिए, का चयन करें बिना सोचे समझे विकल्प # 1 के रूप में, और विकल्प 2 के रूप में आपकी एकल खुशबू।

एक मजबूत खुशबू के लिए, दोनों ड्रॉप डाउन मेनू में एक ही खुशबू विकल्प चुनें।

प्रत्येक स्नान और शरीर का तेल आपकी विशिष्टताओं में मिलाया जाता है। कृपया प्रसंस्करण के लिए 1-2 अतिरिक्त दिन दें।

स्नान और शरीर का तेल:

सोयाबीन तेल, केसर का तेल, मीठे बादाम का तेल, अंगूर के बीज का तेल, खूंटी -40 सोरबेटन पेरोलिएट, विटामिन ई मई कंटेनर: खुशबू


Safflower Oil: A go-to moisturizer, safflower oil will have you glowing! It has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits to protect your skin. So you’ll know you’re protected while you’re looking your best!

Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is not only a wonderful moisturizer, but it is brimming with cleansing properties! It will help cleanse and open those pours, plus its emollient properties keep the skin's moisture levels balanced and can rejuvenate the scar tissue. Sweet almond oil is the ultimate treat for your skin!


AS BODY OIL   Apply directly to skin after bathing for luxuriously soft skin.

AS BATH OIL  Add desired amount of body oil to a warm bath for a moisturizing soak.

AS MASSAGE OIL  Warm in palms, apply to skin for a relaxing massage experience.

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Great smell and great for my psoriasis

I got the lavender/rose mix and it's such a calming smell. The oil isn't too greasy. I use it right out of the shower and has helped soothe my psoriasis.


Nectar Bath Treats

Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We're so happy that you loved your custom body oil experience. We will share this with the rest of the Nectar team to let them know to keep up the amazing work. ❤️

United States United States

Fragrance Lacking

I loved the consistency of this bath oil, however the fragrance on both of my custom scents was lacking. I thought that this would enhance my bath experience but I was disappointed that there was hardly a fragrance from either of the two that I had ordered. (Unlike the bath-bombs that had my bathroom smelling of the lovely fragrance through the next day).


Nectar Bath Treats

Hi Valerie, Thank you so much for your review and for your order. We are so grateful that you left this review so that we can rectify this matter as soon as possible. We have reached out to you via email in regard to this situation, we look forward to hearing from you. We apologize for this inconvenience, have a wonderful day.

Zildray E.
United States United States


I love the way it feels on my skin and the way it smells.


Nectar Bath Treats

Hi Zildray, Thank you so much for your kind words regarding our Custom Bath and Body Oil. ❤️We're so happy that you loved the way it smelled and how it felt on your skin! Which fragrances did you customize it with?

Debbie W.
United States United States

Great ! As usual !!!

Love it ! Wonderful oil and the fragrance was perfect! Will definitely keep using this !


Nectar Bath Treats

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback on your Custom Bath and Body Oil experience! What are your favorite fragrances to customize your oil with?!

Christine D.
United States United States


I found your store on a recent trip to Las Vegas and decided to try the Body Butter, Body Scrubs and some adorable soaps. I fell in love with your products! The employee at the store I went to was so helpful and mixed a fragrance for me that I absolutely LOVE! It is a mix of Fruit Smoothie and Very Sexy. I decided to try the Body Oil so I ordered some online and I could not be happier! I ordered the same fragrance mix which again smells incredible! The Body Oil absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and soft, this is definitely my new go to. I have had family members try it and they love it too. I just ordered 4 more bottles in different fragrances and I cannot wait for them to arrive! Thanks for making such great products!


Nectar Bath Treats

Hi Christine, Thank you so much for your kind and honest words. We're thrilled that you have loved all your custom Treats and have created your very own favorite fragrance combination. We'll be sure to keep up the lovely work for you.