We're giving our favorite Nectar fans the chance to get FREE bath and body treats!

All you have to do to get up to 5 free Nectar treats is fill out the form below and show us how much you love your Nectar treats. Follow the steps below to get your free treats:

  • Purchase up to 5 of your favorite Nectar treats through our website. We will not refund 100% of order if a BOGO coupon is used.
  • When you receive your treats, simply snap 2-3 different photos in good lighting with each individual treat.
  • Turn on your phone's video camera and capture a 15-45 second video testimonial for each product in good lighting with a clear, enthusiastic voice. Tell us why you love Nectar and why you love that specific treat in the video.
  • When you're done, just submit your images and videos below by filling out the form. Once we receive them and determine they're acceptable we will refund the full amount for each product we receive a video testimonial for.
  • Important: Videos must be shot in wide screen with you in the center and be well lit for us to accept them, same goes for your images. If you have any questions, please reach out to kendra@nectarusa.com.

Submit Your Videos & Photos Below

In order to get your 100% refund, you must provide 2-3 photos in good lighting and one video testimonial in good lighting with a clear enthusiastic voice. You're going to do great!