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Bomb Pop Milkshake Bath Soak

Regular price $35.00

Let freedom ring with the bursting berry pride of our limited edition Bombpop Milkshake Bath Soak!

We have brought back one of our most popular limited edition treats for just a few short weeks, so grab yours soon because we will sell out fast.

Each wonderfully vibrant and skin smoothing bath soak is loaded with:

  • Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt: This all natural sea salt is harvested from evaporation ponds in Northern California drawn from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It's loaded with beneficial minerals including potassium for a wonderfully detoxifying bath experience.
  • Exotic Coconut Milk Powder: Full of rich, skin loving natural fats, coconut milk will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.
  • Tapioca: Full of beneficial vitamins like B6 and minerals, tapioca will not only help smooth your skin, but it's also a detoxifying powerhouse!

Sweet tones of berry and caribbean fruit will waft through the air as you soak in luscious ingredients that will make your skin delightfully smooth and refreshed. Get yours before they're gone!

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