Nectar Bath Treats KitchenLab Night Time Facial Booster with Liftonin-Xpert Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

KitchenLab Night Time Facial Booster with Liftonin-Xpert

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By harnessing a unique formula derived from the leaf sap of the South African Bulbine Frutescens, KitchenLab Night Facial Booster contains fresh, natural
ingredients which are known to replenish skin’s moisture improve the appearance of texture and tone.

Scientifically proven effects of Liftonin-Xpert:

  • Stimulates the rapid increase of collagen-producing cells (fibroblasts).
  • Activates the production of high-quality collagen for measurably firmer,
  • smoother and rejuvenated skin.
  • Provides fast results in low concentrations.

By recalibrating the balance between the decomposition and reconstruction of skin structures, the skin is being provided with the benefits of high-quality antibacterial and antiplasmodial properties derived from the Bulbine Frutescens leaves.

How to Use: After washing your face with KitchenLab Facial Cleanser before going to sleep, apply KitchenLab Day Booster onto your clean, dry face and allow 1-2 minutes to absorb thoroughly.