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Mermaid Lagoon Milkshake Bath Soak

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Our brand new mermaid lagoon milkshake bath soak will have your skin nourished and silky smooth. Each is brimming with Sonoma Pacific sea salt, coconut milk powder and detoxifying tapioca.

Scented with our proprietary ocean coconut fragrance, the new milkshakes will have you feeling like a mermaid queen!

Each Mermaid Lagoon Milkshake Bath Soak is packed with:

  • Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt: This all natural sea salt is harvested from evaporation ponds in Northern California drawn from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It's loaded with beneficial minerals including potassium for a wonderfully detoxifying bath experience.
  • Exotic Coconut Milk Powder: Full of rich, skin loving natural fats, coconut milk will leave your skin feeling nourished and smooth.
  • Tapioca: Full of beneficial vitamins like B6 and minerals, tapioca will not only help smooth your skin, but it's also a detoxifying powerhouse!
Sprinkle a dash of your Milkshake into the tub until foaming swirls of color dance before your eyes in the warm bath water. Ease yourself in and soak for about 15 - 20 minutes, until your skin feels silky smooth. Each Milkshake container is good for 3 to 4 bathtime servings.  

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