Nectar Bath Treats "You're Too Sweet" Thank you Gift Set Bath and Body Gift Set

"You're Too Sweet" Thank You Gift Set

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Nothing says thank you more than gift set that promotes relaxation and self-care. Show your utmost gratitude for those who you’re most thankful for with:
  • 1 Unicorn Candy Bubble Scoop Sundae (3 scoops): Magically luxurious and oh-so-sweet, the Unicorn Candy Bubble Scoop Sundae surrounds you pink and blue swirls and a fabulous fragrance that’ll make you feel as mystical as a unicorn!
  • 1 Vanilla Twist Cupcake Soap: Playfully decadent, our Vanilla Twist Cupcake Soap will give you a sense of celebration with smells of marshmallow fluff and yummy vanilla frosting.
  • 1 Fruit Smoothie Sugar Body Scrub: For our Fruit Smoothie Sugar Body Scrub, we blended up a variety of fruity juiciness with natural exfoliants like sugar and cranberry seeds for a “berry” sweet experience!
  • 1 Lavender Grape Pie Soap: Our Lavender Grape Pie Soap always follows the rules … the 3 R’s rule: Rich, Radiant, and Relaxing. You can’t ask for more than that in this purple little powerhouse!
  • 2 Lavender Blossom Foaming Bath Bombs: Known for its calming qualities, we created a bath bomb full of delicate lavender and relaxing chamomile … drop one in a warm bath and feel all the stress from the day melt away.